Score Milk


Score Milk is a first-of-its-kind platform, using blockchain technology to create an environment for gaming, community, and monetization. The site enables gamers to test their skills in a competitive environment and earn rewards for high scores and accomplishments. Meanwhile, game developers can leverage their skills and user base to bring games to market faster and earn income at the same time.

  • Blockchain

    Tron Network, Solidity, Smart-Contract, TRC20 Token

  • Game-Platform


  • Frontend

    Javascript, React.js (Hooks), Next.Js, Sass, Bootstrap

  • Backend

    Javascript, NodeJS, Express.js, Apollo server, Graphql, AWS, Web3.js, SunNetwork, Tronlink

  • DevOps

    AWS, OpsWorks, Docker, Microservices, TravisCI, Sentry.io

  • QA

    Cypress.js, Mocha & Chai


The requirements for this project were as ambitious as the concept itself. Because a platform like Score Milk has never been done before, our engineering team had quite the challenge ahead of them. The client needed to develop a gaming platform with blockchain integration, cryptocurrency payment, real-time matchmaking against other users, and the ability for developers to upload their own games and integrate blockchain security. 

Score Milk also needed to integrate monetization, giving users the chance to be paid in TRX and receive custom tokens as a reward. Lastly, the platform needed an SDK (Software Development Kit) so developers could integrate their game with the blockchain technology and receive a percentage of the revenue their games generate.


Our engineering teams worked tirelessly to create this one-of-a-kind platform. Our engineers were able to build a custom platform that interacted with a blockchain, so users could be paid in cryptocurrency, execute smart contracts, and receive TRC20 tokens. By incorporating the elements of reward/score gaming and developing an SDK, we were able to open up new avenues of revenue and entertainment in the gaming community. We also set up a CI/CD pipeline to ensure that every aspect of Score Milk is fully functional and runs smoothly.


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