Power to the people flexsible

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We believe no two people, businesses, or projects are alike. That’s why we operate under a set of principles designed to make the process intentional, intuitive and well, flexible.

Power to the people flexsible

We take the time to truly understand your
purpose and goals in order to lay a solid
foundation for your business.


It’s not enough to build something beautiful.
We need to understand why through industry
research, data and audience profiles.


Our clients will have a crystal clear
understanding of the costs and timeline
from the get-go—no exceptions.

Testing. Testing.

More than anything else, your project needs
to work. So, we conduct multiple rounds of
testing to ensure it will do just that.

Our Process

Flexsible how we work,

Talent doesn’t matter unless you put it to work. Through our Time-Tested Process, we’ve developed simple steps to make sure your project is finished to the highest standards.


This is the courtship phase of the relationship. We get to know you, your company, and your goals. Then, through a simple questionnaire, we learn how to bring your vision to life.


Every great relationship works through honesty. In this phase, we present exactly how much time and money it will take to complete your project. No gimmicks or fine print.


Once we’ve decided to move forward, we outline the exact project expectations and give you an in-depth outline of what to expect as your project moves along. Then, we get to work!

Agile Methodology

We follow the Agile Methodology system, which is built on the idea that Software is always evolving and so should our processes. We follow Scrum-based and Kanban-based practices to break down the user experience for an effective, intuitive end product.


As our client, you’ll get constant iterations and updates on your project so we can make changes on the fly and maintain complete transparency.


Software Testing QA

Testing, testing, and more testing. We have standards for how we test code and interfaces, and we’ll go above and beyond to ensure everything works properly.

Test-Driven Development

We test relentlessly for every bit of functionality. This means no duplicate code, faster turnarounds, and most importantly, functional software. 

Pull Requests

Before new code is implemented, we always conduct pull requests to ensure code is functioning properly and won’t break the whole project. Each new feature is reviewed by multiple engineers to maintain the highest code standards.

The Human Factor

All of our tests are done by real developers from a customer-focused perspective, meaning we can catch issues before they become real problems and test from the user’s point of view.



This is where the fun starts. As we start bringing your vision to life, we’ll focus on the security, scalability, and reliability of your application. Our experienced software engineers are experts in modern technologies.

Follow the Twelve-Factor Approach to ensure timely delivery and effective results.

Here are some of our engineering skills:

More skills
  • Cloud Services
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • API design and implementation
  • Blockchain Development
  • Immersive Technology(VR, AR)
  • Capacity planning and testing
  • Monitoring, alerting, analytics
  • Independent code review and acceptance testing
  • Cyber Security
  • Custom software integrations
Continues integration

Continuous Integration

Continues integration

We follow continuous integration in every step of our Development Process. Code is automatically checked out of our system, built, and the team is notified of any errors so they can address them immediately. CodeClimate automatically analyzes the code, identifying potential issues and ensuring test coverage.



This is the exciting part! Every week or sprint, we present your branding/website/app/etc and show you exactly what we did, and why it’s awesome. Drinks ensue. Internally, we have daily meetings and weekly planning sessions to ensure your project is moving forward.


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