iReward is a revolutionary program designed to replace outdated brand loyalty models. Customers are tired of point systems, expiring rewards, complicated signups, and fine print. Brands are tired of dumping money into acquisitions and old methodology. With iReward, customers can make the most of blockchain technology through a loyalty reward platform, and brands have new opportunities to grow their business as well.

  • Blockchain

    Tron Network, Ethereum Network, Smart-contracts, Solidity, Web3.js, Node.js Express.js.

  • Frontend

    Typescript, Angular 9, Material Design, Sass, Axios, PWA

  • Backend

    .Net Core, .Net Core Web API, C#, Azure SQL Server, AutoMapper, Entity Framework, DTO, Node.js, Docker, Azure Repos,

  • Database

    Azure SQL

  • DevOps

    Azure, Azure Pipelines, Travis CI

  • QA

    Cypress.js, Mocha & Chai


The challenge for iReward was to bring blockchain technology to the people. The client wanted to create an all-encompassing platform, where brands could build and manage loyalty campaigns, and users can spend loyalty rewards with multiple companies and products. The difficult part? It’s never been done before, and we needed to frame the entire process in a way that made sense for brands and their customers. 


We created the iReward app, an all-in-one platform for both brands and customers. The app includes a simple account creation process. Once a customer is signed up, they can track rewards and gain access to hundreds of loyalty programs on the blockchain. 


In just a few clicks, brands can interact with two different blockchains, Ehtereum and Tron, to create their own custom loyalty reward token. They can launch a campaign in minutes, manage their strategy, and expand their brand reach through relevant user data statistics.


We’re changing the way people think of rewards.

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