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Knowledge House is an educational platform designed specifically for marketing professionals, creatives, and business leaders. Using platforms like Masterclass and Netflix as the model, Knowledge House’s site contains articles, book reviews, classrooms, and community features. Users have the choice of signing up for a free membership or a paid membership that includes streaming video classes.




  • FrontEnd

    Typescript, React.js (Hooks), Next.Js, Emotion.Js, Elastic Search, PWA, SSR

  • BackEnd

    NodeJS, Typescript, AWS Serverless Lambda, AWS Cognito, AWS S3, ElasticBeanStalk, RDS, Elasticsearch, Github

  • DevOps

    AWS, OpsWorks, Docker, ECS, Elastic Search, Github, TravisCI

  • Database

    Mysql, Knex, Objection

  • QA

    Cypress.js, Mocha & Chai, Selenium, Real Person App

  • Integration

    Vimeo, Youtube, Stripe, Sentry, Google Analytics, Klaviyo


As a marketing leader, Knowledge House has built an industry-leading skillset and they needed a development partner to illustrate it to the world. Through a custom blog and online learning platform, they wanted to share exclusive content with users about marketing tactics, as well as the ins and outs of building a successful brand.

To bring Knowledge House’s platform to life, we knew we needed an agile and adaptable set of tools for users to use anytime, anywhere. We worked with the client to build out wireframes of each project on the site, to ensure every idea was heading in the right direction. Once we started on development, we were able to use the latest technology to create apps that were simple, intuitive, and effective.


Once completed, users could get access to world-class marketing knowledge on any device via the cloud app. Using scalable, modern technologies, we developed three different applications; front-end as a PWA, Web Api, and CMS where the client can upload content. We also implemented a CI/CD pipeline for internal services, coupled with DevOps best practices, that insured a smooth-running web application.


We’re changing the way people think of online learning.


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