CrypFolio is a application that provides users a platform to track token balance based on a specific address amongst multiple Defi networks and platforms, calculate entry prices, and emit a notifications if a balance on each address has changed.

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Defi, Staking

  • Mobile

    Android, IOS, Flutter

  • Backend

    Go, Google Cloud Functions, Docker, Push Notifications


This application was unique and came with a new set of challenges. A platform like this had yet to be created. There were no third party APIs that allowed event notification in real time for Defi networks on a specific address balance token price. 


Our engineering team had to take a backroad in blockchain and create a custom node for the Ethereum network and a custom node for BSC (which at the time BSC was still under development with minimal documentation). 

With our custom node for BSC and ETH, we had the capability to scan transactions or events for matching withdrawalsdeposits or price changes that happened to any of our pool addresses on the Defi network. Additionally, we needed to push notifications via Google Cloud functions based on events.


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