Thanks to a single mobile application, businesses will be able to leverage and control the most successful, efficient and cost-effective marketing tactic ever known, Word of Mouth!

  • Blockchain

    Stripe, Twilio, Strapi

  • Frontend

    React.JS (CMS), IOS, Android

  • Backend

    Node.Js, Typescript, AWS Serverless, Docker, Cypress.js

  • Tags

    Mobile App


Create a mobile application that allows business owners to create and manage various campaigns and promote them via text messages. 


Within the Jivey application, businesses have to capability to create an account that allows them to create, manage, and promote various campaigns. To ensure Jivey is doing its intended purpose as an intentional marketing tool, businesses will have access campaign analytics.

Connectors have the opportunity to refer these campaigns to others via text message and earn cash in return. Connectors have their own profile that allows them to manage their referrals and wallet, in addition to searching and saving campaigns of their liking.


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