DEFI Staking Platform

Thanks to the CrypFolio Platform investors are able to lock their crypto tokens, create pools and farms, and earn rewards.

  • Blockchain

    Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain

  • Frontend

    React.JS, Web3.JS

  • Backend

    Node.Js, Typescript, Solidity Smart Contracts


Aside from the direct token reward for staking these tokens, the tokens also earn a percentage of the revenue accrued by the products and services offered by CrypFolio.

For example, stakers earn a share of the fees from swaps on liquidity pools.


To make this amazing project a reality, Flexsible created multiple smart contracts on the Ethereum network and Binance Smart Chain. Since nothing like this had been created on the BSC network before, only Ethereum, Flexible needed to come together with their creative and securities teams to develop a DEFI application on Binance Smart Chain. Additionally, the level of security needed to be at an all time high because we were transacting with people’s hard earned money. (Rule of thumb in cryptocurrencies; everyone will try to hack your platform. If your company gets hacked you will lose all credibility in this market and credibility in a truth based society is everything.)


We’re changing the way people think of Defi.

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