Want to Start a Career in Software Development? These Tips Might Help

The number of people who are entering software development from non-traditional backgrounds has been on a constant rise. Are you one of those people too? Here are a few tips that might come in handy.

● Having something you passionately want to make will push you through the tough times when learning to program. A real-world use-case for your skills is sure to accelerate your learning.
● Join a coding bootcamp to get started. In addition to giving you a focused environment, a good bootcamp will offer you help when you need it and support when the journey gets tough. It will also assume no prior programming knowledge, and teach you the skills you need from the ground up.
● Having a network of other people going through the same process can be hugely important.
● A friendship or mentorship with a working software developer can also be immensely helpful in your journey. They will know what the interview culture is in your local industry, will be able to give you advice when you get stuck, help you focus on the most important skills to learn, and give feedback on your code.
● Instead of donning multiple hats, focus on learning one language and one web framework as well as you can.
● If you do not come from a technical background, getting into this field would be a tough nut to crack. However, on days you’re struggling, don’t forget to remind yourself of the unique skills you have that computer science graduates may not have yet.

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